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Irrigation Systems Installation

Turf h2o Lawn Sprinkler system and irrigation system installations Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Smyrna, Woodstock and surrounding area's.

*All of the Lawn irrigation systems that we install ARE water efficient. And we will NOT alter our WATER conservation methods to suit your budget. We use water efficient products. All irrigation systems have the NEW SMART WIFI irrigation controller, sprinkler heads on the irrigation zones have check valves to reduce water run off when zone/system shuts down. And of course a RAIN shut off device.

So, for these reasons OUR irrigation system installation prices WILL be HIGHER in price. However, in the long term it will SAVE you money with water conservation.
  • WIFI smart controllers
  • Rain shut off device
  • Check valves (reduce water run off)
When it comes to irrigation installations, you can rely on Turf h2o. Our sprinkler systems consist of products provided by leading manufacturers, allowing for years of maintenance free service

The main benefits of installing an irrigation system are:

  • Save Time : Automated watering of the garden, lawns and flowers based on a timer best suited for the climate you live in and your garden.
  • Save Money : No money or water is wasted with an automatic irrigation system as it is programmed, timed and the system has rain sensors to ensure no water is wasted.
  • Save Water : A automated system works to get the right amount of water deep into the root system where plants need it most, so you need to water less.
  • Increase Home’s Value : A beautiful garden is the gateway to getting a higher price.
Home irrigation systems and commercial irrigation systems

Our garden irrigation installation services are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. All of our irrigation system heads are installed on swing pipe mounts in order to reduce head and pipe damage. If you want a system that will last for many years, partner with us.

Our guarantee ...Water efficiency. 3 YEAR warranty..( MUST agree to be our Winterize/start up customer)

Besides irrigation installations, we also offer lawn irrigation system repairs.

Automatic sprinkler systems

Our sprinkler systems are fully automatic and are can be equipped with a remote control to provide a user-friendly sprinkler system. Not only will an automatic system make your life much easier, but it also increases the value of your property. The team of sprinkler system designers and landscape architects at Turf Irrigation Systems will carefully analyses your garden’s design as well as the plants to make sure that sprinklers are installed in all the right places. Once your system has been installed, all you will have to do is press a button to make sure your garden gets the right amount of water.

Contact us for more information on our Water Efficient lawn irrigation installation services.