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Lawn Sprinkler Repair Systems

Installing an lawn irrigation system is just one of the many decisions a homeowner faces. Turf h2o is here to make it easier for you. We provide lawn Sprinkler repair, Sprinkler valve locating, PVC pipe break repair, sprinkler head replacement, valve replacement, controller-timer replacement, modify system for water efficiency,main line breaks for both newly constructed and existing landscaping of homes in and around Atlanta, Dunwwody, Marietta, Georgia.

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locating sprinkler valves
Sprinkler valve locating and trouble shooting , locating wire faults in your lawn irrigation system. Call us today to get your sprinkler up and running again.

New Construction

If you are yet to build a new landscaping or redesign your existing one, you can save money by having us install the irrigation system at this stage. Typically, this type of job uses the trencher method and costs less because of the lower labor costs and faster cleanup. In addition, it waters the newly built landscaping automatically and gives your plants the right amount of water they need to grow. The addition of a rain sensor will also help you save money in the long run and give you more value for your investment.


Established Yards

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we fix broken sprinklers

If you already have an existing landscaping, we can install the system without disrupting its design. We use a vibratory plow to bury the pipes and wires about 10-12 inches below your lawn so there’s no need for us to dig a trench. Depending on the condition of the soil, this is the ideal installation method in an existing yard. The addition of a rain sensor is also easy and can prove to be a valuable installation.

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Turf h2o is among the first Atlanta companies to offer an optional “Annual Maintenance Agreement.” We understand how busy you are, and with this program, we can simplify things for you. An annual agreement automatically “starts up” your system in the spring, makes minor adjustments, if necessary, and “winterizes” the system in late fall, just before the cold temperatures arrive. Utilizing this service will keep your system working efficiently, especially if you travel frequently or too busy to remember to operate the routine system maintenance on schedule.

System Renovations / Improvements

We do a lawn sprinkler system analysis to identify changes and improvements that can increase the sprinkler system efficiency of your existing irrigation system. We understand the high costs of water today; so we strive to design (or improve) systems to help minimize the waste of this precious resource. Some of the improvements may involve adding a rain sensor, replacing irrigation controller to the New Wifi irrigation controllers that can shut system down when rain chance increases , changing the leaky heads or weeping valves, or adding a new irrigation system zone.

Rain Sensors

Adding an automatic rain sensor to your current lawn irrigation system can save you thousands of dollars. It’s a feature that practically pays for itself since it eliminates unnecessary watering.


As lawn irrigation systems age, regular sprinkler system repairs need to be made. Lawn sprinkler heads have many small working parts that can become clogged over time. They can also be run over by school buses and cars, or damaged by landscapers or utility vans or trucks. PVC pipes are the number 1 cause of high water bills. PVC pipes can break under hard freeze conditions, age of pipes, misuse, and improper lawn sprinkler installation. By repairing and maintaining your lawn sprinkler heads, you can keep your landscape looking healthy and green and save you money in the long run. We can come to inspect your system on an as-needed basis or on a regular a maintenance schedule.

Water Line Replacement

Contact us if you need to replace your water service line. We replace old water lines to homes or offices with either copper or Schedule 40 PVC (plastic). Many homeowners have been forced to replace their water lines due to the much publicized failure of the polybutylene (blue) pipes that were widely installed throughout the 80s and early 90s. We have replaced more than 900 of these, and unlike most plumbing contractors, we can complete the job without the need to dig up the yard or driveway.

If your home has galvanized water service line, which is popular during the 50s and up the ’70s, you might want to know that these pipes can corrode away on the inside and eventually restrict the flow of water to just a trickle. Get in touch with us and we will check your water line’s condition. Our service is also useful for running water service lines to out-buildings, as well as to yard hose bibs and frost-proof yard hydrants.

Drainage Systems

Let us help drive excess surface water away from your house, driveway, patio, or low areas in the yard. We will set up catch basins, French drains, and pipe off your gutter downspouts using either corrugated pipe or smooth-wall PVC piping. Contact us today for an estimate.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is an important task to do before the freezing weather arrives. This involves removing excess water from the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads. It protects your irrigation system from potentially serious damage during winter. We offer three winterization methods: automatic drain valve method, compressed air blow-out method, and manual drain valve method.

Manual Drain Valve Method

To make this method work, your irrigation system must be designed properly. You need to check if the manual drain valve installation is done at the lowest point on your system’s mainline. If your mainline has several low points where water may collect, you will need to install additional manual drain valves. A ball valve, gate valve, “stop-and-waste” valve, or a simple threaded pipe with a cap can provide a drainage solution.