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Sprinkler Repair

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Sprinkler Valve Locating

Locate sprinkler valves
Sprinkler Valve Locating/Sprinkler Repair

We can locate missing lawn sprinkler valves by using a valve locator. Valve locators find lost valves by tracing the wires from the controller to the lawn irrigation system valve location. A valve locator consists of a transmitter, a receiver, two lead wires and a grounding stake. The lawn valve locator transmits a beeping signal along the wire to locate irrigation valves. Using a valve locator is an accurate way to find lost valves without damage to the lawn or garden

PVC Pipe Break Repair

pvc pipe break repair
We repair lawn sprinkler system pvc pipe lines that are broken due to damages from storm , misuse, age of lawn sprinkler system or faulty installation. Common pvc pipe sizes in residential irrigation systems are 1/2", 3/4" and 1". Common pvc pipe sizes in commercial sprinkler systems are 1.5"
2", 2.5" and 3" and above. Most common pvc pipe breaks happen around shut off valves, irrigation system valves, lawn sprinkler spray heads-rotors. Frozen
pvc pipes are the MOST common for pvc pipe breaks. Depending on winter
weather conditions, In our area we advise to winterize your sprinkler system

Sprinkler Valve Repair-Replacement

sprinkler valve repair
Sprinkler Valve Replacement

Broken sprinkler valve? We replace broken, weeping or leaking lawn sprinkler valves. Irrigation system valves normally fail due to age of irrigation system, abuse, improper installation or lightning strikes. Frozen irrigation valves can fail when system thaws out in spring and will start to leak.

Main Shut Off Repair

main sprinkler shut off
High water bill? You probably have a broken PVC pipe  that needs repair. We
repair all Makes, Models. Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, WeatherMatic, KRain. Shut off valves will start to leak as system ages. We replace, repair shut off devices.
Always remember Winterize your lawn sprinkler system. Winter can create havoc on an irrigation system. We offer Winterization and Spring start up services starting at $175.00 PER YEAR
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