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Winterize Lawn Sprinklers

Winterize lawn sprinklers
Winterize lawn sprinklers by Turf h2o will Protect your Irrigation system from Winter Damage in Atlanta,Roswell,Marietta and surrounding area's
Atlanta irrigation systems need to be winterized . Our Services typically are $175.00 PER year. 2 Visits winterize and spring start up( You get 2 visits)

Your Guide to Winterize lawn sprinklers Atlanta
If freezing temps are in your Atlanta forecast, the time to act is now! Atlanta area weather can be unpredictable.
Don't take a chance and let winter weather damage your Atlanta lawn sprinkler
Winterizing your Atlanta lawn sprinkler system – removing water from the pipes, valves and
sprinkler heads – is essential before freezing occurs. It’s the best way to protect your
lawn irrigation investment from potentially serious damage this winter. You can choose
from three winterization techniques:
• the manual drain valve method
• the automatic drain valve method or
• the compressed air blow-out method Read about each to determine the method best for your system.
IMPORTANT! No matter which method you choose, be sure to reference the Protecting
Your Controller in Winter section on page 5 to complete the winterization process!
Manual Drain Valve Method
Design: To use this method, your system must be properly designed. Make sure
the manual drain valve is installed at the lowest point on your system’s mainline.
Additional manual drain valves should be installed if your mainline has multiple low
points where water may collect. A ball valve, gate valve, “Stop and Waste” valve or
simple threaded pipe with a cap can provide drainage.